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4-H Livestock Information and Upcoming Area Shows - open here

County 4-H Newsletters.....................

County 4-H Newsletters and 2015 Yearbooks available at the following highlighted text.  Keep up to date with what is going on in YOUR county 4-H program with the monthly newsletters.

Phelps County Newsletters - 2015

       2015 Phelps County Yearbook

Gosper County 4-H Newsletters - 2015

          2015 Gosper County Yearbook

Phelps-Gosper 4-H Members.............

Enrolling in 4-H in 2015.....

Our Phelps and Gosper County 4-H members may now enroll in the 4-H program on-line.  Instructions for enrolling are available by opening the following:  Enrollment Instructions.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Extension Office,  Phelps-308-995-4222, or Gosper - 308-785-2390.  The address to enroll is:  Leaders are asked to NOT use the online enrollment option at this time.  Please continue to use the paper enrollment form. (below)

News for our Leaders.............

2015 Leader Enrollment Form -  Please open the highlighted Leader Enrollment Form text and  fill out the required information.  After you have completed the form,  print it out and mail it to either the Phelps or Gosper Extension Office.

SPOTLIGHT.... Leader Newsletters


2015 Phelps/Gosper 4-H Premium Book

2015 Holdrege High School FFA County Fair Project Information

 To access the 2015 Phelps and Gosper County 4-H Premium Book , click on the title and you will be taken to another page with all the sections.  The Holdrege High School FFA information is available by moving your mouse over the title.

If you have any questions on projects or premiums, please contact either the UNL Phelps County Extension Office at 995-4222 or the UNL Gosper County Extension Office at 785-2390

Added 6/25/2015 -  2015 Poultry Classes:   Due to biosecurity challenges with the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza, there will be no live poultry events in Nebraska. This includes the poultry shows at our county fairs. Classes G700001-G700019 will NOT be offered this year.   However, several classes have been added for Poultry at our Phelps and Gosper County fairs.  The information may be reviewed by opening the "2015 Poultry Classes" heading. 


Scholarship Information.........................

All scholarships are due in the respective office, April 1, 2015. 

Phelps County Scholarship Information:
  • Phelps 4-H Foundation Scholarship Application, 9 pages
  • Lawrence Nelson 4-H Scholarship App,  6 pages
  • Post Secondary Scholarship App, 5 pages

        Phelps Gosper Livestock Growers Scholarship, 7 pages

Gosper County Scholarship Information:
  • Gosper 4-H Council Scholarship Application, 4 pages.  This is a writtable form.  Please remember to print two (2) pages of Page 4 titled "4-H Recommendation Form".  All forms are DUE into the Gosper County Extension Office by April 1, 2015.

Gosper Scholarship Update (12/10/2014)  The Gosper County 4-H Council approved a motion to award up to four (4) $500 scholarships at their November 2014 meeting.  The scholarships are open to 2015 graduating high school seniors who have been participants in the Gosper County 4-H program. 


Upcoming Phelps/Gosper Dates

  • July 10 - County Fair Pre-entry deadline for ShoWorks
  • July 13-16 - Nebraska State 4-H Horse Show in Grand Island
  • July 17 - Livestock numbers due to Office
  • July 23 - Fashion Show in Holdrege
  • July 25 - Phelps/Gosper 4-H Horse Show in Holdrege
  • July 25-30 - Phelps County Fair
  • July 26-30 - Bertrand Days
  • July 29-31, August 1 - Gosper County Fair
  • August 10 - Advance State Fair Entries due by 5 p.m.
  • August 24 - State Fair static exhibits due in office
  • August 27-Sept 7 - Nebraska State Fair
2015 State Fair 4-H Registration Instructions

Instructions for youth and families to enter their livestock and in-person contest events (Presentations, Fashion Shows & Contests) entries can be found by moving your mouse over the highlighted headline. 

The web address to enter these projects is:  The site will be live beginning July 1.  Entries for these events will be taken until 5 p.m. on August 10th, 2015. 

Your Phelps and Gosper Extension Office will enter all Static Exhibits for 2015 State Fair Projects.

Entering 2015 4-H  County Fair Project Online Instructions

 Phelps and Gosper County 4-H members and their families will be able to complete their County 4-H exhibit entries online.   Instructions for each county are available at the highlighted pages.   To be taken to the website to enter fair projects, open the highlighted website address.    And remember - the deadline to complete your entries for the county fair is July 10 at 11:59 p.m

Phelps County Instructions


Gosper County Instructions


4-H Career Portfolio

By moving your mouse over the above "4-H Career Portfolio" title, you will be taken to the Nebraska 4-H website where the 4-H Career Portfolio and information about it can be found.  Contact your Extension Office for information on the guidelines for your county 4-H Career Portfolio.  Your 4-H Career Portfolio is due in the Phelps or Gosper Extension Office by September 30.

Gosper County Junior Career Portfolio - for ages 8-10.   Junior 4-H members have the option of filling out this 4-page portfolio for their end-of-the-year report.  To fill out the report: 1. You may open the file and type your information in the form before printing it out, or  2.  Print the file and then fill out the form with pen or pencil.    This report is due in the Gosper County Extension Office by September 30. 


County 4-H Constitutions

Each county maintains their own 4-H Constitution and they are available for your reference. 

Phelps County 4-H Constitution

Gosper County 4-H Constitution

4-H Council Minutes...

To help our Phelps and Gosper 4-H families keep up with 4-H Council and Foundation meetings, the meeting minutes will be available for your review at this site.  Minutes that have been "approved" will be noted.

Phelps County 4-H Foundation
Phelps County 4-H Council
Gosper County 4-H Council
  • April 2015 Meeting - Approved